Books are my lifeline

I’ve long been a minimalist. Way before it even had a name, I was one of those people who just preferred less. Less stuff crowding my spaces, less stuff to look after, less stuff to move from house to house, just less! Unless that stuff was books. Books hold a

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Switching off

Sometimes you need to switch off completely. Rob and I were lucky enough to have five days at the beach last week without the kids. Sure they’re both adults and they were at home tending the garden and spoiling the pets but it was weird to go away without them

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Combatting the post-Christmas {decorating} blues

I love decorating for Christmas, each and every ornament holds special meaning, a moment in time to be savoured. We don’t subscribe to a Christmas with a narrowly defined and carefully orchestrated colour scheme. In this house we celebrate in full colour with all the noise and mess that goes

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Segway Rage

2016 was the year that almost broke me. It delivered a series of body blows so powerful that it knocked me off my feet time and again. But each time I stumbled back upright and continued on, a little more bruised, sometimes wiser but mostly just a little bit wearier

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A melancholy day

Last night when I couldn’t sleep {again} I wrote a blog post in my head. Part of me now wishes I’d got up and written it down. It seemed perfect at the time, shame I can’t remember a word of it now… We had glorious weather on the weekend, blue

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Declutr-E-Book-cover - 5 Tips to Declutr your life


declutter your life

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