Tell me a story…

Everyone has a story to tell and each of us is in charge of shaping that story, of writing the next chapter through the choices we make and the actions we take. Every time someone decides to engage me they’re choosing to change their story, to shake off the physical

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Combatting the post-Christmas {decorating} blues

I love decorating for Christmas, each and every ornament holds special meaning, a moment in time to be savoured. We don’t subscribe to a Christmas with a narrowly defined and carefully orchestrated colour scheme. In this house we celebrate in full colour with all the noise and mess that goes

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Feeling green?

The 2017 Pantone colour of the year is greenery. My love of blue is the source of amusement among friends – I love all its many shades and hues but if you asked Rob he’d say my favourite colour was green – the colour of 2017 – to be exact.

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Segway Rage

2016 was the year that almost broke me. It delivered a series of body blows so powerful that it knocked me off my feet time and again. But each time I stumbled back upright and continued on, a little more bruised, sometimes wiser but mostly just a little bit wearier

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Declutr-E-Book-cover - 5 Tips to Declutr your life


declutter your life

Declutter your home and life by following my 5 life-changing tips to reduce stress and get organised. Breathe a sigh of relief and feel at ease in your personal, business or online space.