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Is your home office or small business command centre buried under paperwork? Can’t find that overdue bill? Need advice on storage solutions and systems to restore order?

We’ll work together to identify what’s important, what you can let go of while we create a system to ensure you’re never buried in piles of paper again!

Client Story

Time Management - Work-Life Balance


My client wanted advice about scheduling time to manage her many business and family commitments. Her partner had recently transitioned from being an employee to running his own business. Consequently my client was managing all invoicing, social media and brand recognition. In addition, she was also working part time while managing a side hustle of her own. As a result, her days were full to overflowing.


Working with my client’s calendar and schedule I demonstrated how task chunking works and therefore showed her its many benefits. We then talked about letting go of unnecessary activities and as a result, together we worked out what these were. We discussed what letting go of them would look like and how it would aid work life balance. Finally we also examined what activities could be outsourced and how social media scheduling could free up valuable time.


“Alison is delightful and she has a pragmatic, collaborative approach. Alison doesn’t just organise your “stuff” – she helps understand what going on to achievable systems in place to help create physical and mental space.”

– Nikki, Tuggeranong

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Time management and home office by DECLUTR, professional organiser in Canberra

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