Is your home no longer your sanctuary?
Is your stuff overwhelming you?

Let us help you get your clutter under control. Together we will identify what you don’t need and find homes for things that you do.

We’ll work to restore order and calm by reducing, recycling and rehoming the things you no longer need.

DECLUTR can help you organise a cupboard, a room, a garage or a whole house. We’ll work with you to identify what you need, what you don’t, what’s junk and what’s precious. We’ll also assist in repurposing or donating items. We won’t just do the job and walk away though, DECLUTR can schedule regular check-ins to help you stay or get back on track.

We regularly work with people who are downsizing or moving into retirement style accommodation.


Decluttering The Family Home for Sale - Downsizing & Moving


My clients, a couple with two young children, were bidding farewell to their family home and needed some support and advice about decluttering. During the years the family had grown into their home and accumulated furniture and belongings they no longer required. Their emotional attachment to these physical items was holding them back from clearing the house. They wanted to make sure the home looked inviting and comfortable to all the visitors during the open house. They also wanted tips on styling their home ready for photographs and open houses. Styling plays a really crucial part when selling a home to attract the perfect buyers and encourages a quicker selling process.

They also wanted tips on styling.


When I met with the family they were very accommodating and eager to work together to formulate ideas. We identified items that were no longer required or had outgrown their needs. Items such as kids toys that were no longer in use and some furniture in the family room were calling out for a new home. We pared down the contents of the linen cupboard, linen and towels that had seen better days were donated to the RSPCA. We decluttered the wardrobes and kitchen cupboards as well tackling the paperwork in the study. Important and unimportant papers had accumulated over the years and required sorting. While the shredder got a workout, we were able to sort the important bills, documents and kid’s memorabilia into folders and memory boxes. At the end of each session I took away any items not needed and donated them to a range of charities.

“Alison’s approach gets results and is absolutely value for money. Alison schedules time, has achievable goals for that time and takes the old stuff away. I felt so light and calm afterwards.”