Is your digital or online life out of control?

Let us help make technology work for you. We can assist in putting systems in place so that you get the best from your computer, tablet, phone and online services.

If your inbox is about to burst and you have email accounts overlapping DECLUTR can work with you to rationalise them, making things simpler and more efficient.

We can help you organise online banking, password storage, documents and photos. DECLUTR can schedule lessons for beginners or refreshers to keep you on track. We provide regular check-ins.

DECLUTR can provide advice, strategies and systems to both small business and individuals.

We work with people of all ages and technical ability.


Password & Email Management

“Recently I worked with a client who needed assistance with a large number of online accounts and providers. Keeping track of passwords was proving to be a problem so we used a piece of software that will make this much simpler for them. Now they only have one password to remember!

I’ve also begun work with a client who has thousands of emails, in a great many folders, across more than one email account. We will rationalise this, add some filtering options and automate the ability for her to unsubscribe from unwanted lists and newsletters.” – Rob