Segway Rage

2016 was the year that almost broke me. It delivered a series of body blows so powerful that it knocked me off my feet time and again. But each time I stumbled back upright and continued on, a little more bruised, sometimes wiser but mostly just a little bit wearier

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A melancholy day

Last night when I couldn’t sleep {again} I wrote a blog post in my head. Part of me now wishes I’d got up and written it down. It seemed perfect at the time, shame I can’t remember a word of it now… We had glorious weather on the weekend, blue

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New Beginnings

In the blink of an eye everything changed. Looking back, I know that’s not true that the shift happened gradually, building up momentum until one day it just appeared to be an avalanche. But some days it still feels like at one moment I was 44, fit, happily married, kids

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Declutr-E-Book-cover - 5 Tips to Declutr your life


declutter your life

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