Our AirBNB journey pt 1

Our AirBNB journey began for a variety of reasons, all related to our intentional living journey. Both of our children have left home on a reasonably permanent basis, leaving us with half a house sitting empty. We thought about selling up, buying somewhere smaller and putting an end to our

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Storage is not the solution!

Decluttering is about rationalising your “stuff”. It doesn’t matter if that stuff is in your cupboard, your office, your garage, your wardrobe or your inbox; the goal is to keep the useful and significant things and do something else with the rest. What you do with the things you don’t

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Let’s get real

If you’ve ever put the words, “decluttering”, “minimalism”, or “tidying” into something like Google, Pinterest or Instagram then I feel for you. Other than using that search to find your way to our website or blog, the results can be rather confronting. Beautiful rooms, perfect cupboards, austere living areas and

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Garages, sheds, studios and hangouts

This is Rob’s first blog post. Check back regularly for more. John Williamson wrote a very cool song all about sheds and their importance to Australian men. Check it out HERE if you are interested. The “Mens’ Shed” movement also proves a point about people needing somewhere that they can commune and

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The great laundry flood of 2017

‘Mum, the laundry is flooding’ are not the words you want to hear when you’re on your way home from a relaxing weekend away. We arrived home to find our daughter wasn’t exaggerating when she said water was gushing out of the washing machine tap, which by the way, is

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Declutr-E-Book-cover - 5 Tips to Declutr your life


declutter your life

Declutter your home and life by following my 5 life-changing tips to reduce stress and get organised. Breathe a sigh of relief and feel at ease in your personal, business or online space.