Arranging scarves in a wheel by DECLUTR, professional organiser in Canberra

Storing a colour wheel of scarves

So, what does a professional organiser do on their day off? Reorganise their scarf drawer, of course! I’m well known for my extensive scarf collection. Scarves are my signature piece. They can lift an outfit from dull to colourful in the time it takes to loop one around your neck.

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The great laundry flood of 2017

‘Mum, the laundry is flooding’ are not the words you want to hear when you’re on your way home from a relaxing weekend away. We arrived home to find our daughter wasn’t exaggerating when she said water was gushing out of the washing machine tap, which by the way, is

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Large Room and Space at DECLUTR, professional organiser and decluttering in Canberra

Our home’s hub

We have a room adjacent to our kitchen. It’s lovely big room, full of light, with views to the deck on one side and garden on the other. It’s a room where people gather, it’s warm, welcoming and spacious. But strangely, it’s a room without a name. All of the

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Declutr Storyteller, professional organiser and decluttering in Canberra

Tell me a story…

Everyone has a story to tell and each of us is in charge of shaping that story, of writing the next chapter through the choices we make and the actions we take. Every time someone decides to engage me they’re choosing to change their story, to shake off the physical

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Alison at Declutr, professional organiser and decluttering in Canberra

Let’s make up

Being a minimalist isn’t about going without, it’s about deliberately choosing less of the unimportant stuff so you can choose more of the things you love. Recently, I watched an interesting spat play out on a well-known Minimalist’s blog when he shared a post from another well known Minimalist who

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The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up at DECLUTR, professional organiser and decluttering in Canberra

Books are my lifeline

I’ve long been a minimalist. Way before it even had a name, I was one of those people who just preferred less. Less stuff crowding my spaces, less stuff to look after, less stuff to move from house to house, just less! Unless that stuff was books. Books hold a

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Relaxing and taking time off by Declutr, professional organiser and decluttering in Canberra

Switching off

Sometimes you need to switch off completely. Rob and I were lucky enough to have five days at the beach last week without the kids. Sure they’re both adults and they were at home tending the garden and spoiling the pets but it was weird to go away without them

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Christmas Decluttering by DECLUTR, professional organiser and decluttering in Canberra

Combatting the post-Christmas {decorating} blues

I love decorating for Christmas, each and every ornament holds special meaning, a moment in time to be savoured. We don’t subscribe to a Christmas with a narrowly defined and carefully orchestrated colour scheme. In this house we celebrate in full colour with all the noise and mess that goes

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Going environmentally green at DECLUTR, professional organiser and decluttering in Canberra

Feeling green?

The 2017 Pantone colour of the year is greenery. My love of blue is the source of amusement among friends – I love all its many shades and hues but if you asked Rob he’d say my favourite colour was green – the colour of 2017 – to be exact.

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