Giving it away?

Giving it all away? Well almost!


Decluttering can be tough sometimes. That’s when you have to be kind to yourself and decide whether or not is the right time to take action in a particular area. Back in the 90’s I (Rob) amassed a very, very large collection of action figures. They were the 12 inch tall Action Man toys that I’d loved so much as a kid. For a number of years I was a very active collection and was even in a book written about the hobby. After moving house twice I realise that most of my collection had been in plastic tubs in the garage for nearly 15 years. There are a few bits and pieces on display in my studio but nothing like the hundreds of figures stashed away in boxes.

Boxes and boxes full of stuff


After Alison and I got interested in decluttering and minimalism I realised that these boxes of toys I was holding on to were weighing me down. I thought I might try and sell the lot but that turned out to be a real hassle. The main market is overseas and the sheer administrative overhead of listing them all on eBay was too much. So I just ignored them for a while longer and they continued to make me feel uneasy.

Decluttering: keep, sell, give away


Late in 2018 I decided that I’d sort the figures into three categories; keep, sell and give away. That really is just decluttering 101! I managed to give away a huge box to some friends who knew kids that would love them. This really made me smile and helped me realise something…I’d had my fun with these toys and the thought of others doing so made me feel good. So I gave two more large lots away to local kids using the “Buy Nothing” Facebook group.

What to do with the really good stuff?


A few weeks ago I looked at my “keep” pile and decided that it was still quite large. After realising that these toys, which I’d had for a long time, owed me nothing I kept on decluttering.

I listed a whole lot of them on an Action Figure group that I am member of. Not for sale, but for free as long as others covered the shipping cost. Well, it worked and the Post Office never want to see me again I fear! Many parcels have been sent to destinations all over the globe. The result is that there is a lot more room in my studio, the figures I have kept are those with meaning to me and a a lot of other people are enjoying what I really didn’t need.

If you’d told me a year ago that decluttering by giving away 90% of my collection would make me happy I would’ve thought you were mad. But it did.

So, if you’re hanging onto items that used to bring you joy but really aren;t anymore, why not consider giving them to someone who might love them just as much as you used to?

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GI Joe figure
This guy stayed!

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