Digital disaster

A while ago we wrote here about some things you might choose to do to declutter your digital life. These included such things as using online cloud storage, doing regular backups and using an email filtering package. With those things in mind, let me tell you a story…

My PC was dead!

I’ve always been a PC user. When I learned my computing skills it was all Windows and DOS based stuff. Then when I moved from computer support into teaching it was always a PC environment. So when it came to DECLUTR, even though my family had bought me a groovy new MacBook Air, I stuck with the old steam driven Windows laptop. It was familiar and with my background I felt as if I was totally in control. Our accounts were done mainly using Excel and our invoices created in Word. Both of these were an old version of the software but they worked just fine.

Once every month or so I’d have to do some maintenance and cleanup on the old Windows system to keep it running well but I really didn’t mind.

Just before Christmas 2018 disaster struck. I sat down to do some DECLUTR admin and the old laptop wouldn’t start. Not even with jumper cables and CPR! It was dead.

In days gone by I would’ve had to open the laptop up, remove the hard drive and connect it to another machine to get all of my essential files back.  However, in a shocking development I had taken my own advice. All of DECLUTR’s business files were safely located in the cloud (we use Google Drive). My photos were backed up similarly as were my personal documents. All I had to do was connect my Mac to the right spot in Google Drive, install Microsoft Office and we were back in business.

Whilst I’ve had a little bit of a learning curve to deal with using a Mac it hasn’t really been all that hard. Things are in obvious places, just not always the same obvious place as they are in Windows.

So, if you do nothing else in terms of a digital declutter, please make sure that you have easily accessible backups of files that matter to you. Do it now!

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