What is a Professional Organiser?

Being a Professional Organiser is often challenging, usually fun and always rewarding. It’s a very, very varied field of work and no two Organisers are the same. However, we’re not cleaners and we don’t just want to throw all of your stuff out.

What do we do?

So what is it we can do with you? Perhaps you find it difficult to organise everything so that your household runs smoothly. Do you struggle to get to various commitments on time, organise meals, get your washing done and also find time for yourself? Being organised comes naturally to some, but for most of us it’s something we have to work at. Many people need some guidance or mentoring to help them on this journey and that’s where we come in. We’d be mad to think that we have all the answers but small, incremental changes produce positive outcomes.

Decluttering and minimalism

Our business is based around decluttering and we recognise that this means different things to different people. While we’re working towards a more minimalist lifestyle we know it isn’t for everyone. However, the ideas behind minimalism can be useful for us all. You get more time and money to yourself when you’re not using either for things that really don’t matter. That doesn’t mean you can’t be frivolous once in a while, it just means that you shouldn’t do it all the time. Treating yourself to a new CD every now and then is a bit different to going nuts at the music shop every pay day.

Decluttered, minimalistic room

Decluttering, for us, is freeing ourselves from having way more than we need. Imagine how good it would be to have a wardrobe that only holds clothes you wear, a pantry that doesn’t require a search party to find the peanut butter and an inbox that isn’t overflowing with unread or overdue messages.

Sentimental items

We help people to face and sort their sentimental items. It’s OK to have mementos but if you’re at the stage where the garage and under the bed are full of boxes of ‘important’ keepsakes then it’s time to act. One of the changes that may take a while to achieve is ridding yourself of the need to keep up with everyone else. The latest phone, the biggest TV and such can be a real money trap. And if you collect something as a hobby it’s easy to get a little out of control. We know that from experience! Our philosophy is all about living sustainably but also comfortably.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room; money. Yes, it costs money to work with a Professional Organiser. We provide a service and it’s our livelihood. All of us pay experts to assist us with various things in our lives. It might be a doctor, mechanic, plumber or accountant. There are some things that we can manage on our own but for others we need support and guidance. That’s what we do when we help you organise. Whilst we’re not counsellors, Alison is a qualified Life Coach and we’re both experienced in roles where we’ve had to guide, manage and mentor others. We like people!

Just in case you think what you might need help with is a bit left of centre here’s a list of a few things we’ve done lately.

  • Helped move someone into a retirement village
  • Provided advice to a business about systems to improve efficiency
  • Assisted to rationalise the contents of multiple storage units
  • Decluttered a very, very full garage
  • Organised and simplified online files and email accounts
  • Put systems in place to help a family organise their time so that they have some left to enjoy
  • Decluttered a wardrobe leaving only clothes our client loves and donated the rest to charity
  • Created a monthly meal plan and shopping list that matches our client’s needs and budget

Here at DECLUTR we aim to help clients in the short medium and long term. We will assist you to organise, declutter and develop habits that will change your life.

Could you do with a helping hand?

Give us a call or drop us an email today to find out how we can help you make a real change in your life. A small change today can mean a lot down the track and we love a challenge.

Keep an eye on our blog here for more updates and photos!

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