Storage is not the solution!

Decluttering is about rationalising your “stuff”. It doesn’t matter if that stuff is in your cupboard, your office, your garage, your wardrobe or your inbox; the goal is to keep the useful and significant things and do something else with the rest.

What you do with the things you don’t really need is up to you but here are a few ideas. You can donate it to an organisation or someone that can use it or you can sell it. Finally, you can recycle it or you can send some of it to the tip. For us at DECLUTR, the bin is the last resort.

But let’s talk about storage. There is a whole industry coming up with creative, and often beautiful, ways to help you store your belongings. Whilst this may solve the immediate problem of you simply having nowhere to store everything, what it doesn’t do is make you think about how much stuff you really need. The truth is that storage is a bit like a pay check. Most of us use up what we get.

Can I let you in on a secret? More storage equals more clutter!

Storage advice

At DECLUTR, our advice is that storage is important. You need to be able to find things as well as keeping them in good condition. We’d recommend, however, that you consider beginning a decluttering process before you look for ways to spend a lot of money on plastic tubs, shelving and filing cabinets. Stop stockpiling baskets, bins, jars and plastic tubs and concentrate on having less to store in the first place.

Finally, let’s talk about storage units. This is where you pay money to store your belongings offsite. That’s right; in a location where you can’t see or use them. Whilst this can be useful if you have a gap between moving house or even go on an extended holiday, most of the time its dead money storing stuff you could really do without. If you can live without something in your house then you probably don’t need it. And if you do have a storage unit that’s full up and you need a hand to start sorting through it then get in contact with us here at DECLUTR. We’d love to help you lighten your load both physically and mentally!

Storage units
Storage is not the solution

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