Storing a colour wheel of scarves

So, what does a professional organiser do on their day off? Reorganise their scarf drawer, of course!

I’m well known for my extensive scarf collection. Scarves are my signature piece. They can lift an outfit from dull to colourful in the time it takes to loop one around your neck. They have the added advantage of keeping your neck warm or keeping the sun off it. But! I digress…

Back to my scarf drawer. I’ve been trialling a few different storage methods but I’m yet to hit my sweet spot. There’s nothing I like seeing less when I open the drawer is a jumble of scarves that all tumble out when you try to choose just one.

Time to try something new. First I tipped the contents of the drawer on my bed, then I carefully rolled each scarf to approximately the same size, taking care not to crush them. Them just for kicks I arranged them in a colour wheel. That made me very happy!

A colourful collection to add that extra something to any outfit.

My drawer is not ideal but you have to work with the storage you have. I decided to try a system I know works well in other situations and raided my ibox supply.

I then put a single layer of scarves into the drawer and added the rest into a couple of boxes.

The bottom layer.

The top layer, using two iPad boxes.

These boxes fit perfectly on top of the layer in the drawer and are easy to remove so I can see what’s under them. I think I’m going to like this new system but I’ll keep you posted about it goes.

Oh, and before you go. In the interest of transparency, here’s my other scarf drawer. It holds warm wintery scarves as well as beanies and gloves. Time to give it a spruce up too.

All the warm stuff.

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