Our home’s hub

We have a room adjacent to our kitchen. It’s lovely big room, full of light, with views to the deck on one side and garden on the other. It’s a room where people gather, it’s warm, welcoming and spacious. But strangely, it’s a room without a name. All of the other rooms in the house have titles – lounge, dining, bedroom, laundry – based on their primary use.

Sometimes we talk about the Red Room, based on its decor but even this doesn’t stick. Its the hub of our home, that room matches our ever-changing needs, it’s the room where anything can happen. A room where variety is the spice of life, the room of requirement.

Depending on the time of day it can the breakfast room, a quiet reading room, an extra bedroom, a games room – this is where the Xbox and play station live and the room can be brimming with teenage boys vying for supremacy in soccer or rugby. It was also the dance floor, complete with DJ, for my son’s 18th Birthday. For a month it was the room where my mum convalesced after her back surgery. It’s also been a massage room!

Rob had to fight the cat for his turn!

It’s where we gather when we all come home, to chat, debrief and shrug off the day. At Christmas time we move the dining table in so the extended family can fit. It’s a room that invites laughter and conversation. But it’s also a room that lifts you up when you need it most.

I’ve spent a lot of time in here over the past few years. Central to the room is a sofa bed that also converts into a chaise. And it’s here that I’ve recovered from my various surgeries.

A flashback to the time I spent six weeks in this contraption as it bent and straightened my knee.

I’m in the room right now, writing this post. so, now the room is an office too. This is how the room currently looks, complete with pets, washing and an abundance of lemons. This room is real life.

Xena has a red blanket and Sparky has a red beanbag and they don’t like to share.

What room is the hub of your home? Do you have a room that changes with your needs? What do you call it? I’d love to hear about it.

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