Feeling green?

The 2017 Pantone colour of the year is greenery.

My love of blue is the source of amusement among friends – I love all its many shades and hues but if you asked Rob he’d say my favourite colour was green – the colour of 2017 – to be exact.

My love for green is renewed each day when I spend time in my garden. Its many shades are always welcoming and easy on the eye. They have the power to refresh and restore. For me, green is the colour of peace and hope.

With a green on green combo who needs showy blooms?

Yet reality is the colour I’m most drawn too is neither truly blue nor green.

Refreshing mocktail, anyone?

On the scale of I’m feeling blue to being green with envy, my colour sits somewhere in the middle, turquoise or teal, sea green or sea blue – the clear colour of tropical waters.

It’s tranquil yet bold, reserved but also outgoing. A colour for all occasions.

The colour for me.

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