A melancholy day

Last night when I couldn’t sleep {again} I wrote a blog post in my head. Part of me now wishes I’d got up and written it down. It seemed perfect at the time, shame I can’t remember a word of it now…

We had glorious weather on the weekend, blue skies and sunshine but then a late change swept in bringing rain and grey skies with it. The ache it caused in my joints was one of the many reasons I was awake.

Waking to the combination of weather, the lingering effects of pain meds and facing another day without any formal structure left me feeling melancholy. But when I recognised that feeling I chose not to embrace it but instead to get up and follow my five-step morning routine.

I felt myself lifting out of my funk until I got to step five and realised that the rain was too heavy to go for a walk and Sparky dog was asleep in his beanbag pretending it was still night. So, what to do? I was in the mood for some proactive tasks rather than sitting on the lounge staring mindlessly at social media while the hours ticked by.

First I shot off a text to an ex-colleague asking if he had any work going, then I emailed both of the companies who approached me with offers of work but have failed to produce any concrete projects and then, while I was on a roll, I shot off another message to the garage door people reminding them I was still waiting for the final adjustments on their job. And then, just like that, the phone rang! It was the garage door rep; a technician is coming tomorrow. Sometimes you have to take any positive action as a sign and remember you make your own luck.

And if I needed further proof that my ‘putting it out there’ vibe works, I just booked in a large professional organising gig. Seems my melancholy day has been turned on its head.

And now the rain has stopped, I’m off to jump in puddles with my now-impatient furry friend.

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